How It Works

The basic process can be broken into 3 steps


Order your tracks using a submission form which will guide you through the whole process. You will be able to specify all the requirements and upload your guide tracks. 

After submitting the form, you will be directed to PayPal for payment. Once the payment is made, the session is confirmed.


As soon as the tracks are recorded, you will receive mp3 mixes of all the takes to approve or request a revision.


If you were happy with the results, you will be sent a link to download the HQ multitracks of all takes. If you requested a revision, you will be sent mp3’s of the revised recording to approve before being sent the full quality multitrack files.

Lets look at the process into more detail


Render a stereo mix of your music without the instrument to be recorded (eg. if you are ordering drum tracks, you would would render a stereo track without drums). Accepted formats include WAV, AIFF and mp3.




If working with a computer-based DAW:


- Leave at least 1 measure empty before your music starts in order to have a count-off

- In your open project, set the export markers from the very beginning of your sequence to the very end of your recorded music.

- Mute any programmed instrument that you want us to replace with real instrument track.

- Export (bounce or render) the main output to a stereo file in a WAV, AIFF or mp3 format, with quality of at least 128bps for mp3 and at least 16-bit for WAV and AIFF. Make sure that there is no digital clipping present on the output channel.

- The sample rate should be the same as your project.

- Name the file clearly, like "Song1_main_track.mp3" .

- If there are tempo changes within your song, you can also export an empty midi file, which will contain the tempo changes.

- When we import your files, they must align to the click!



If working with all-in-one stand-alone multi track recorders:


You will need to export the click track separately to another track as the tempo marking might not be exact. If you recorded your parts to a drum/percussion loop, you need to export that loop as a separate stereo track.


Make sure that all of the tracks (music and click or loop) start at EXACTLY the same position! This is very important and crucial. Once they are all imported into our DAW, they must all line up.

Prepare music chart (optional)

Depending on the instrument being recorded, a music chart may be needed. If you are ordering melodic or harmonic instrument such as guitar or bass, you will need to prepare a chart (guide sheet) for the recording musician.


The chart does not have to be written on a music manuscript, but it needs to include the following:


- Correct chord progression for all song parts with correct chord qualities and any extensions (eg. Gmin7, Cmaj9...)

- Accurate length of sections represented in music bars (measures). Chords should be written within bars where they happen.

- Indicate any tempo or time signature change on the chart


Please keep the chart as clean and easy to read as possible.

It can be hand-written or created on computer using a tool as simple as notepad.


Export the chart in one of the following formats: PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TXT

Order Your Tracks

Submit your project to us using a form relevant to service your require. In order to access the forms, you will need to REGISTER with us. It only takes a minute and will help us eliminate spam.


The submission form will guide through the process and prompt you for necessary info. You be able to upload the guide and reference tracks. If your song contains tempo changes, you can specify those in the tempo input area or you can upload a MIDI file of your song that would contain those changes.




Once you submit completed form, you will be automatically directed to PayPal for payment. The payment will need to be made in full for a recording session to be scheduled.

Recording session


Once we receive your project and confirm payment, we will schedule the recording session(s). You will be informed of the expected turn-around time. We aim to get the recording completed asap. Actual time frame will depend on our schedule and previous commitments. If you are on a tight timeline, please get in touch with us prior to placing your order.


Relax while we take care of your project.

Evaluate the recording


Once the recording session is completed, we will send you stereo mp3 mixes of all takes. If there is anything that we missed, you can request a revision which you also be able to review prior to moving on.


Note: If you order drum processing, that will be carried out prior to uploading the HD tracks. We can also e-mail you a mix of processed drums to listen to and approve prior to the upload.


If you ordered our production services, you will be sent preview files at various stages of production to approve individual recordings.


You will be provided with the download links to your new instrument tracks. They will be packaged into a RAR archive, which will make the file size significantly smaller without affecting the quality of the files. Once you download the package to your computer you will need to decompress them using winRar (which you can download for free) or a similar compatible application for PC or Mac.


You can then just drag and drop them into your project. Done!

Now that you know how it works, are you ready to start?