Achieve your musical vision with our  range of music production services 

The GoranGrooves production team is a select group of highly skilled and established session musicians and producers that are ready to put their magic into your music. Not only do they groove and sound amazing, but are also very affordable to independent singers/songwriters, musicians and producers.

The following session musicians are available for your music project:

Studio session drummer Goran Rista tracking acoustic drums online from his drum recording studio

Session Drummer

When you want to take the groove beyond drum loops or virtual drum plugins, custom drum tracks are the way to go.

Goran, our session drummer, will laid down rock-solid drum tracks to your music that will breathe movement and punch into your songs.

Real acoustic drums are some of the hardest instruments to capture right and we are experts in it.

Professional bass player recording electric bass tracks from his recording studio

Session Bassists

Our groovy bass players will provide a solid, clear and hypnotic foundation to your music.

Good feel performed on high quality instruments and captured through high-quality gear will ensure you get the best possible results.

They will perfectly compliment our drum tracks for powerful rhythm section drive.

Professional session guitarist tracking electric guitar tracks from his guitar recording studio

Session Guitarists

Tell us what guitar sounds and style you are after and we'll bring your vision to life. 

Our session guitarists have an incredible array of knowledge and a huge palette of sounds to draw from to get the results you will simply love.

Keyboardist recording custom keyboard tracks on a vintage keyboard in his studio

Session Keyboardists

You will be supplied with both the stereo audio file and the MIDI information, to enable you to further manipulate and change the sounds.

We offer a vast range of sounds ranging from vintage keyboards, to acoustic pianos and lush contemporary synth pads. Tell us what you hear in your head and we'll give our best to find the right sound to match it.

Session horn players recording custom horns in professional recording studio

Session Horn Players

There is nothing like the REAL Horn section, especially when it is comprised of professional session players!

Full horn sections or individual brass and woodwinds. The choice is yours.

Choose from soprano, alto, tenor, baritone sax or flute as well as trumpet and trombone.


Professional audio engineer mixing music using contemporary DAW

Professional Audio Mixing

With our Professional Audio Mixing service every element in your music will be clearly audible. 

We create mixes that are transparent, dynamic, three-dimensional and punchy. No senseless over-compression here- just outstanding sound quality. 

Your music will stand on-par with any commercial release.

Music producer producing a song using computer-based music production system

Full Production Packages

We can take your project from inception to completion with same GoranGrooves quality throughout. 

Our Full Production Service package is particularly useful for independent singers / songwriters. We take the burden off your shoulders!

A  Variety Of Genres

Pop icon Jackson, representing Pop style of music available for recording at GoranGrooves


Rock hand symbol, representing Rock style of music, available for recording at GoranGrooves


A hollow-body guitar, representing Blues genre of music offered for recording


Cowboy boots and hat, symbolizing Country genre of music offered by GoranGrooves session musicians


A woman with Afro hair style, symbolizing Funk genre of music, offered as a recording service at GoranGrooves


Lion Zion, a Reggae icon: Reggae genre of music available for online music recording


Brazilian pandero, a symbol of Brazilian genre of music recorded by GoranGrovoes session musicians


A head of acoustic Jazz bass, instrument widely used for Jazz music recordings


Flamenco music icon, a genre recorded by GoranGrooves Flamenco session musicians


A Salsa couple dancing to Latin music, recorded by studio musicians at GoranGrooves


A djembe, percussion instrument, representative of World music, one of the genres offered for online recording at GoranGroove online studio


A lounge chair representing chilled, Lounge and Drum&Bass genres of music, offered for recording by session musicians at


We are committed to exceeding your expectations. We work hard to provide the very best service in all aspects. If you are not satisfied with the services you get from us, you'll get your money back. Terms and conditions apply.

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