Drum Tracking Videos

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Goran Rista playing Reggae groove for I Shot The Sheriff.

I Shot The Groove- a Reggae groove

Goran Rista playing Reggae groove for Jammin'.

Jammin's Groove

Goran Rista playing an original Reggae groove.

Original Reggae Groove

Goran Rista tracking an acoustic Pop tune on drum using brushes.

Acoustic Pop Groove With Brushes

Goran Rista playing a Brazilian Partido Alto Groove.

Partido Alto- a Brazilian groove

Goran Rista playing a shuffle Funk groove.

Shuffle Funk Groove

Goran Rista tracking a slow Rock tune.

Slow Rock Groove with a swung feel

Goran Rista playing a 16th note Funk groove.

16th Note Funk Groove

Goran Rista playing his original tune Horizont, on drums.

Horizont- a Lounge/ Dance/ Jazz tune

Goran Rista tracking an original tune, Spanija, on drums.

Spanija- Latin/ Rumba/ Fusion Jazz