How To Write Great Drum Charts

How to write efficient drum charts

All you need to know about writing efficient drum charts that will make your drummer happy and produce great results fast. The ultimate guide to drum-charting!
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How To Mix Recorded Drum Tracks

Secret to producing drum tracks from the raw recording

Learn how to effectively process and mix raw drum recordings for incredible, full-bodied, natural-sounding, dynamic, larger-than-life results. 
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Editing Drum Tracks

Editing Of Drum Tracks

We'll manually edit portions of tracks that contain little material that was meant to be recorded, but a lot of unwanted "cross-talk" signal. This is the case with toms.
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Drum Tracks Alignment

Time Alignment Of Drum Tracks

By time-aligning drum tracks, we compensate for the delay in sound between different mics.
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Drum Tracks Gating

Gating of drum tracks

Gating is a process in which a processor (a plugin) reduces or completely removes sound under a certain sound level (threshold). We are going to gate snare drum and the kick drum, but using different techniques.
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Drum EQ'ing

EQ 'ing of drum tracks

You can greatly manipulate the characteristics of a sound with an EQ. It is one of the most precise sound-sculpting tools. Learn how to use it properly to bring out the characteristics of drums, while hiding unwanted overtones.
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Drum Phase Alignement

Phase alignment of drum tracks

Phase-aligning multiple microphones is a critical step in achieving the fullest drum sound. Elements of the drum set can disappear from the mix if not properly in phase. Learn what to do and how to ensure all of your tracks are in-phase with one another.
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Drum Compression- Transparent When Done Properly

Compression of drum tracks - dynamic control.

Learn how to apply appropriate dynamic control to drum tracks to beef them up while still maintaining a natural sound.
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How To Lock In And Groove Better With A Track

How To Groove Better To A Steady Click

A simple, yet very effective solution to grooving tighter to a click.
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To Quantize or Not To

Drum Tracks- To quantize or not to quantize?

Remember the good old days when records were cut using only the finest session players around? Rhythm sections would record a take after take until THE take would satisfy the producer.Well, many things have changed in the last two decades. While computers have enabled most musicians to bring their ideas to fruition, so have they enabled mediocre ...
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Choosing the right drummer for your recording session

Why a skilled session drummer will save you time and money.

So, you have worked on your songs for 2 years now, arrangements are ready and you've booked a studio to record your debut album. Your mate Dave, a drummer that you've played some gigs with should do the job fine and it will save you a few bucks. Or so you think!
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