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CD_oldSchoolWe can produce your entire album or a demo: from arrangement to recording and mixing!

If you are a singer/ songwriter and looking to record a CD or a demo, it can be a daunting task. We can take the weight off your shoulders. Not only are we going to save you thousands of dollars on the production costs, but you will get your entire project done in a fraction of the time.



  • Avoid wasting time searching around for competent individual musicians - with GoranGrooves you'll get outstanding session musicians all in one place.
  • Avoid frustration and nightmares in studio when you realize individual players can't cut the gig - we guarantee our services.
  • You are not paying additional studio time for recording and set up when using GoranGrooves online production team.
  • You are not paying for musicians' travel when using GoranGrooves online session musicians.
  • All of this amounts to savings in thousand of dollars, your time and your sanity.


And the best part is that we will get you superior results!



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Great-sounding, convenient and affordable.





We will work with you to create beautiful arrangements, record all instrument parts and mix it all down to perfection.




Pre-production preparation is an important step to achieving the most out of music production. Instrumentation is decided upon and their relationship through arrangements.




Recording of instruments





Professional Audio Mixing

Professional audio mixing provided as a part of our production package will ensure your music sounds its best.




Low Flat Fee


Every music project is unique and requires different treatment. We look for most efficient ways to complete your project successfully and save you money.
Call us on 786-486-9288 to talk about your project and see what we can do for you or request a quote.






All you have to worry about is nailing your vocal part. We'll take care of the rest! GoranGrooves quality from beginning to end.


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How It Works::


We make the whole process easy for you:

  1. We'll communicate with you over the phone and e-mail to find out exactly what you are after and to give you a quote.
  2. Upon mutual agreement on the fee, we'll send you an invoice for the services to be paid.
  3. We'll create a simple scratch track for you to listen and approve the form and vibe of the tune. We'll make the necessary adjustments and when you are happy, we'll proceed.
  4. We'll record instrumental tracks and send you a copy of rough mix to approve and for you to use to record vocals. If you are based in South Florida, USA we can record you in our Grooves Recording Studio.
  5. Once all the tracks are recorded and everyone is happy, we'll proceed with the mixing stage. We'll make the necessary tweaking and adjustments to your taste.
  6. We'll provide you with full quality mixed audio tracks that you can take to the mastering, as well as individual tracks for archival purposes.




What you need to provide::


The more we understand your artistic vision, the better results we'll be able to produce for you. We need you to help us by providing the following:


  • Chord progression of the song
  • Melody (either written or recorded)
  • Detailed information on what you envision: style, tempo, groove, mood, dynamics etc.
  • Any special instructions pertaining to the sonic qualities you would like achieved (eg. to sound like Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Ricky Martin etc.)


From experience we can tell you that the clearer you are about what it is that you want, the more likely you are to get satisfactory results. We can suggest options and help you define your goals.



What you get::


We will perform to the best of our abilities and talent to bring you outstanding results and make your music unique.


During the process for each song you will receive:

  • Professionally performed and recorded instrument tracks (on individual files).
  • Professionally edited and mixed stereo track of the song.
  • Full quality at 32-bit depth, sample rates up to 96KHz.


Payment Policy::


All payments must be paid in full prior to work being done.

We offer a money-back guarantee. After each step of the production process, you will be sent an mp3 file for preview. After you approve a stage in production as being satisfactory, that completes that stage. If at any point you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a review or your money back for that stage and the remainder of the project not being completed yet. Please note that if you have approved a stage as satisfactory, no refund would be applicable for that stage, but you would get refunded the portion for the unsatisfactory work.

Once you have approved the final step of the project and you have been provided with the high quality audio tracks, no refund is valid. If there is any problem with a digital copy of the files we provide you with, we will replace them with error-fee copy of the same.

We accept PayPal only.


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