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Testimonials for Goran: session drummer and mixing engineer

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Testimonials for Goran: session drummer and mixing engineer - 3.3 out of 5 based on 4 votes


Totally amazed at the professionalism and the speed of completion. Sound quality was stellar. Our project was not laid out with an online drummer in mind but Goran pulled it together and turned our first project song into a keeper. Goran is our new 'go to' drummer. Just wished I wouldn't have procrastinated so Thanks.
Mike Davidson


Tremendous skill, listened to our needs and delivered; and is truly nice guy on top of that! Goran's attention and professionalism is second to none. I was impressed by his efficiency and how he connected with the songs.The quality of the recording is excellent. He can handle anything you thorw at him and take it to the next level. In the words of the terminator......"I'll be back"...
Eddie Figueroa
I found GoranGrooves online and decided to go with him mainly based on the quality of the website. This was the first time I've ever tried something like this before, where I would record live drums from another part of the country through the web.
There is always uncertainty with working with someone you've never worked with before, but I was short for time and I needed to get the job done. Goran turned out to be the best decision I ever made for my CD. I gave him 3 songs to record and he did them all in a matter of a day pretty much. We listened in while he tracked and he was very open to our suggestions and ideas.
Not only is he an exceptional drummer, he is a great engineer, studio musician and a really great person to work with. Very easy going and professional at the same time. If you want quality drums at an affordable price for your recording, you have to go with GoranGrooves. You will not regret it! Thank you Goran. I look forward to making more great music with you.

Tini Grey
I sent my tracks to GoranGrooves one evening, and had tracks to review the following morning. I was amazed at the quick turnaround time. To my surprise, Goran was incredibly accessible. Each question I sent via email received a response within 2 minutes. The recording quality...Top Notch. The price...fabulous. I can't wait to get my next tune sent to Goran Grooves. This is the EASIEST and HIGHEST QUALITY drum part I have ever had on my recordings. Thank you VERY much, GoranGrooves!

Mat Getsy
Goran is an extremely professional drummer that has a natural feel. His kit sounds great and is recorded to the highest quality. He is very efficient in the session and is always prepared in fullest, no matter what the difficulty.

Simon Kinny-Lewis
My curiosity has really paid off. I record with session artists in every studio in L.A. and thought I would try something new. I am glad I did. GoranGrooves has not only saved me money, and time, but a lot of frustration too. Professional service, Friendly attitude, and Clean recordings. Thanks again! Keep the beat going...

Derek Jablonski


Goran came highly recommended by a mutual friend and accomplished bass player, Diogo Olivera. I was very pleasantly surprised by the talent of this young drummer. He helped me to achieve the final results on my CD, Jazzissimo! that I was looking to achieve. His skill and professionalism is that of a seasoned, worldly musician. Goran has a calming character that is much needed and welcomed amidst sometimes creative chaos. Goran has the ability to discern the most effective ways of achieving the greatest musical results. I highly recommend Goran and his perfectly pitched ears to collaborate on any professional recording or mixing project! I have nothing negative to say about Goran except his coffee could be a little more robust!

Toty Viola

Great feel man!

Neil Finn, NZ pop icon - Crowded House

My kind of drummer!

Estefano, 5x Grammy Award winning producer/ songwriter

I love the sensitive support that you gave to my vocals and that you did it in a timely fashion. You're on my list of first calls for my next recording project.

Beverly Lewis

I used Goran's services by contracting him for online live drum tracks. This was not a standard Pop or R&B tune. It was a Jazz instrumental fusion tune. Not only was the experience an enjoyable one but his superlative playing is something that any artist would gladly welcome and require on their musical project.
Great Results , Good Value , Creative

Jawanza Kobie, independent composer

Goran is like a musical spounge. He is able to absorb anything you throw at him and make music out of it.


We've been looking around and have done a practice run with several people and i must say your drums were the best sounding and the tightest.

Juliana Down, band from Dubai

They (drum tracks) sound great! Go ahead and send me the individual tracks.

Thank you.

Jose Cardenas, USA

Man, your drums sound GREAT! Thanks again.

Justin Jensen, Independent, USA



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