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Terms and Conditions

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Guarantee guarantees the quality of recorded performance and the quality of the sound recording.

By quality of performance we mean that:

  • The performance is stylistically appropriate for the music,
  • The performance has a good feel and dynamics,
  • It is precise (within the human margins)
  • Any particularly specified part is performed (such as particular groove, hits, unisons, breaks etc.)
  • The sound of the instrument is good and the instrument itself in tune

By the quality of sound recording we mean that:

  • The digital audio files are free of any digital clicks, pops, distortion or jitter
  • The tracks are recorded using high quality professional microphones, mic pre's and converters.
  • The tracks are recorded at sufficient level with enough headroom to avoid overloads
  • The tracks will be recorded and provided in desired sample rate (either 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz or 96KHz), bit depth (either 24bit or 32 float point bit) and in format either WAV or AIFF.
  • The raw recording will have a clean, noise-free and “good” sound enabling the client to produce truly pro results with the right knowledge of audio production.

The performance warranties will be met ONLY under the following conditions:

  1. The supplied track(s) to record to must be “in time with” and “locked in” with the click track, and

  2. Client must provide one of the following: the exact tempo markings, MIDI file with tempo changes or a click track separately and,

  3. The supplied track(s) must be reasonably good sounding with clear bass and,

  4. Client must provide a correctly written chart or a “road map” indicating the chord progression, feel and type(s) of groove(s), sections, any possible band hits (figures, tuttis, unisons, breaks), any possible time signature or tempo changes and it must contain any specific instructions on requirements from OR provide written instructions prior to the recording if GoranGrooves is to create a chart/ road map and,

  5. The client must specify the required sample rate, bit depth and format (wave or aiff) and,

  6. The supplied track(s) must begin exactly at the beginning of a bar. You may leave 1 or 2 bar count off at the beginning of the song, as long as the actual file will align to the click track when placed at the beginning of DAW sequence.

  7. For drum recording, the supplied track(s) must be contain NO drums on them. Percussion track is desirable.


In an unlikely case that a client is not satisfied with the results, they have a choice of either requesting an additional re-recording or a refund of the fee paid. Any dissatisfaction must be expressed before the client has been given the download links to the individual high quality tracks and upon reviewing the mp3 mixes with our instruments recorded on them.

Once a client has paid the fee in full and the audio files have been delivered, the client will only be covered for the “audio quality” segment of our guarantee, in which case a refund would not be applicable, but only a replacement of the same audio files. In another words, if there is some kind of digital error on either downloaded files or on DVD, GoranGrooves will re-upload the files or re-send them to the client.

In a case of a digital artifacts in the recorded audio files, will re-record the tracks at no extra charge.


Payment Policy

All payment must be made in full prior to any session work will take place. We accept payments made through PayPal only. PayPal is a trusted and secure way to pay online: they handle all credit card transactions and your financial details are not revealed to us. After you place an order with, you will be e-mailed a PayPal invoice in the full amount for the services requested.


Rights and limitations on the usage of the recording


Client is expected to give written credits to GoranGrooves for any services provided alongside other credits when appropriate (such as in CD liner notes, DVD liner notes, web sites etc.)


What the client may do (rights):

  • You may use the instrument recording(s) ONLY in the mix of the song which the instruments were recorded for.
  • You may use the tracks on commercial releases and use them in TV, motion picture, radio, Internet or any other kind of broadcast.
  • No aditional licence fees are payable.
  • You may edit the recorded tracks and use them in creative ways only in songs that they were recorded for.
  • You may use the tracks in additional re-mixes of the same song(s).
  • same rights apply to all other instrumental tracks provided by

What the client may NOT do (limitations):


    • You may not publish, broadcast, commercially release, post on the Internet, sublet, rent, sell, distribute, sample, exchange via pnp network or any other kind of exchange the individual instrument tracks, the individual drum components or a mix of only the drums.
    • You may not use the instrument recordings or parts of the instrument recordings on songs that they were NOT recorded for.
    • You may NOT use the recorded instrument tracks for any purpose other than what they were meant for and paid for- to be a part of the mixed music that they were recorded for *
    • same limitations apply to all other instrumental tracks provided by


      The exception to the above would only apply if client commissions GoranGrooves to record solo instrument for the purpose of having a solo instrument as the final product. In such case, instrumental recording would be treated as a complete musical work and would be covered under applicable copyright and publishing laws.


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