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Our top-notch studio musicians will give your music a world-class sound!

The GoranGrooves production team is a tight network of highly skilled and established session musicians and producers that are ready to put their magic into your music. Not only do they groove and sound amazing, but are also very affordable to independent singers/songwriters, musicians and producers.


We are studio musicians AND artists ourselves!

All of the samples you hear on this web site were created by the GoranGrooves production team members; each an expert in their own respective field.



    The following Studio Musicians are available for your convenience.

    To read more about each service and to get pricing, click on the instruments of interest.


    Professional online session drummer is available to record your music project remotely.

    Session Drummer

    Forget the drum plugins and other time-consuming toys designed to only assist during production. If you are serious about the groove and feel of your music, then you need the real thing.
    Goran will laid down rock-solid drum tracks to your music that will breathe movement and punch into your songs.
    Real acoustic drums are some of the hardest instruments to capture right, but we are experts in it.

    Session Bass Players

    Our groovy bass players will provide a solid, clear and hypnotic foundation to your music.
    Good feel performed on high quality instruments and captured through high-quality gear will ensure you get the best possible results.
    They will perfectly compliment our drum tracks for powerful rhythm section drive.
    Our professional online session bass player will inject that deep bass groove into your music. Great addition to our drum tracks.
    Get the funk on with our professional guitarists. Guitar tracks are recorded on a variety of guitars with a wide range of guitar sounds.

    Session Guitarists

    Tell us what guitar sounds and style you are after and we'll bring your vision to life.
    Our session guitarists have an incredible array of knowledge and a huge palette of sounds to draw from to get the results you will simply love.

    Session Keyboardist

    You will be supplied with both the stereo audio file and the MIDI information, to enable you to further manipulate and change the sounds. We offer a vast range of sounds ranging from vintage keyboards, to acoustic pianos and lush contemporary synth pads. Tell us what you hear in your head and we'll give our best to find the right sound to match it.
    Professional keyboard players for your music project. A wide range of keyboard sounds and FX's to chose from in a variety of genres.
    Session horns, saxophone player or flute tracks. It is all here to complete your music production.

    Session Horns

    There is nothing like the REAL Horn section, especially when it is comprised of top-notch session players!
    Choose between soprano, alto, tenor or baritone sax as well as flute or take advantage of trumpet, trombone, clarinet and tuba when ordering horn section.



    We can produce of record a variety of music genres including:


    Lounge/ Drum&Bass
    Latin/ Caribbean
    Rumba/ Flamenco

    Order Your Tracks

    Complete your production with the following professional services:


    Professional Audio Mixing

    With our Professional Audio Mixing service every element in your music will be clearly audible. We create mixes that are transparent, dynamic, three-dimensional and punchy. No senseless over-compression here- just outstanding sound quality. Your music will stand shoulder to shoulder with any commercial release.
    Professional audio mixing service of highest quality. Your music will sound as good as your mix. Don't take chances. Get our audio mixing services.
    Full audio production package comes with everything your need to complete your music project.

    Full Production Packages

    We can take your project from inception to completion with same GoranGrooves quality throughout. Our Full Production Service package is particularly useful for independent singers / songwriters. We take the burden off your shoulders!

    Voice-Over Talent

    A refreshing voice can make a world of difference to your presentation. Whether you are creating a radio ad, TV commercial, video tutorial, audio book or similar, we've got you covered. Visit our Voice-over Talent page for more information.
    Voice over talent for your ads and promos.


    The GoranGrooves session musician difference

    Quality of our production from recording to final mixing as well as outstanding customer relations is what separates us from the rest. We are a team of hand-picked session musicians, producers and engineers that have been working together for years and are dedicated to providing you with the very best.




    Goran will personally check every recording before it is delivered to you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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    Badge guaranteeing quality of custom instrument tracks recorded by GoranGrooves session studio musicians. Includes custom drum tracks, bass tracks and grooves, session keys, guitar tracks, horn sections, professional audio mixing, radio voice-over talent and full audio production.

    You are going to love the results you will get from us, or your money back!

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