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Custom Keyboard Tracks by GoranGrooves. Our session keyboardist will record musical keyboard part for your production.
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Our keyboardists will record tasteful keyboard parts that will enhance your production.


Our session keys will give you the support your vocals require.

As with all the other instruments, selecting the right keyboard player to record session keys is not an easy task. You need a musician with not only talent and skill to cut the job, but who is also mature enough to take the back seat and let you shine. The right keyboardist for the job is the one that listens and responds with sensitivity to always making you sound better.

We offer a variety of keyboard sounds and styles to choose from.

We make it easy for you to have risk-free session keys in the style and with the sound you request. We have a vast array of virtual sounds as well as real vintage instruments that will enhance any music production.



Midi keyboard parts of the performance

More creative freedom during production by having MIDI files of the recorded session keys.

Remember the days when you had to get the perfect keyboard sound during the recording process as there was no way to change it later in the production? Luckily for you, those days are long gone!

The beauty of the virtual instruments is not only in their great sound, but the ability to change them at any time, while still keeping the recorded keyboard tracks intact.


We will supply you with the sound that best matches your description as well as a MIDI file of the same session keys track, so that you can use whatever virtual sound tickles your fancy.





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Options and Prices

Virtual Keyboard Tracks

Choose sounds ranging from premium acoustic sampled pianos to out-of-this-world pads and everything else in between such as sampled vintage keys.
- Synthology Ivory
- NI B4 / Akoustik Piano / Elektrik Piano
- Scarbee Mark I / A-200 / Clavinet
- Spectrasonics Omnisphere
- Motu MX4
- Mtron Mellotron Library
and many more...

Price: $149 for 1 track (solo or rhythm or pad), extra version $20
Additional keyboard track (solo/rhythm/pad) - $50, extra version $20

*Standard full length parts include 1 take, solos include 3 takes

Virtual keys track come as WAV/AIFF file with a sound of your choice plus MIDI file, so you can change the sound if you wish to.

Virtual instrument keyboard track are recorded using midi keys.
Real vintage keyboard tracks recorded specifically for your songs.

Vintage Wirlitzer 200a Keys Tracks

This vintage keyboard can add that warm retro magic to your music. It has been a signature staple on countless hits of past few decades. It is suitable for a variety of genres including Jazz, Pop, House, R&B and more.

Add to this a Hammond B3 with Leslie and a Clavinet D6 and you've got your vintage keyboard needs covered all in one place.

Please note that since this is a real instrument, it does not come with MIDI.

Prices: Same as virtual keys + $15 set up fee.

*Standard full length parts include 1 take, solos include 3 takes

Ultra-realistic sampled strings

Yes, we can also give you some amazing-sounding orchestral string lines or backgrounds that you will swear were the real thing. And you wouldn't be far from the truth, because we use some of the finest orchestral samples available today.

We will create unique string arrangements split into sections (violins, violas, cellos and basses) with proper articulations applied to each and every note, so that every phrase sounds as if real strings players recorded them live.

That is the next best thing to paying thousand of dollars on hiring a large string ensemble and an expensive studio.

Price: from $200 (depending on your requirements)

Orchestral string parts played on keyboard and sounding through sampled string libraries.


We keep our prices low by optimizing the entire process of submission and recording of keyboard tracks. To avoid additional charges for keyboard tracks you must provide a correct music chart and clear instructions in English.


What you need to provide


To order our custom keys tracks, you will need to use our submission form, where you will provide the following:


  • A stereo audio track of your music without keyboards (mp3, WAV, or AIFF)
  • An audio or midi track of reference keyboards (if applicable).
  • Sheet music or chord charts for each song (optional, but recommended).
  • A detailed description of any specific needs pertaining to the arrangement and recording process.
  • If requesting a written keyboard arrangement created for your song, please also describe any specifics possible in terms of style, intensity, dynamics, vibe, etc.



If specifics about your song are very intricate, it may be best to arrange a phone call so we can understand exactly what you are after. You can also take part in the recording session remotely via IVOS.

What you get


  • Cutting edge keyboard sounds from the most sought after sample libraries, or pristinely recorded REAL vintage electric piano's.
  • Individual audio and midi files for each part
  • 1 or more takes of each part
  • All tracks will be perfectly in sync with your project.
  • WAV or AIFF format
  • 24 or 32 bit, 44.1K/ 48K/ 88.2K/ 96K sample rates


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