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Remote Drum Session

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Book a Remote Drum Session to save. Interact with Session Drummer live!

There is no need to leave your home in order to have a session drummer record some great-sounding drum tracks for your music. Thanks to our proprietary Interactive Virtual Online Session (IVOS) technology, you can have a remote drum session with GoranGrooves and save money, time and frustration. When you book an IVOS session with GoranGrooves, you will be able to interact with Goran during the recording: listen to the high quality stereo stream and communicate with him.

There is no additional software necessary to install and there is no additional fee to participate!





GoranGrooves Drum Tracks are amongst the best-sounding drum tracks available.


For complete details go to Session Drummer page.


Listen to session drummer Goran Rista in a variety of styles.

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Badge guaranteeing quality of custom instrument tracks recorded by GoranGrooves session studio musicians. Includes custom drum tracks, bass tracks and grooves, session keys, guitar tracks, horn sections, professional audio mixing, radio voice-over talent and full audio production.

You are going to love the results you will get from us, or your money back!

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Bonus: Get this drum loop library when you enter.
101 Useful Drum Beats- fee drum loop library by GoranGrooves