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Premium Drum Tracks

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GoranGrooves newest addition to drum recording services are the Premium Drum Tracks.

For those that want the very best:

GoranGrooves Premium Drum Tracks are as good as they get with acoustical drum recordings!


Every nuance and full dynamic range is pristinely captured for the most realistic drum recording possible. Overhead microphones are carefully positioned to captured the natural balance of drum components as the drummer hears them.

Sennheiser e904 is a good microphone choice for capturing toms.

Drum set is captured using 11 microphones plus additional 2 room mics.

The microphones used are:

  • Shure SM57 (x2) on snare
  • BeyerDynamic and Yamaha SubKick on kick
  • Octava MK-012-01 on hi-hats
  • Sennheiser e-904 (x4)on toms and
  • EarthWorks QTC40 (matched pair) as overheads


Rode NT5 (x2) as room mics.




What makes these Premium Drum Tracks some of the best-sounding drum tracks you'll ever hear?



Drum Set:

Yamaha Recording Custom drums are some of the finest drum ever made and a studio classic.The beating heart of Premium Drum Tracks is Yamaha Recording Custom drum set. A studio classic, this model of drums is one of the most recorded drums in the history and can be heard on countless records over the past 30 years.

RIMS tom mounting system enables drums to resonate to their fullest potential.With the upgrade to RIMS tom mounting system, Goran's kit sounds even better than it did originally.

These full-birch drums now resonate to their fullest potential, projecting massive punch and tone. Always in tune and consistently sounding great.








A variety of snare drums is available to better suit individual song production needs.

Variety of snare drums:

To better suit each individual song, a selection of snare drums in a variety of tunings is available for your convenience.







Goran uses a combination of cymbals from 3 top cymbal manufacturers (Zildjian, Bosphorus and Super Naturals) for musical, well-balanced sound that will add pleasant hi-end simmer to your music.



EarthWorks QTC40 mics

EarthWorks QTC40 microphones are some of the finest microphones in the world and they capture the drum sound perfectly.These are some of the finest, most accurate microphones in world! Made in the USA, these high-definition, omni-directional condenser microphones capture the sound with astonishing accuracy. With dynamic range of 144db and ruler-flat frequency response from 4Hz to 40KHz, they will capture every detail at drum set's full dynamic range.

QTC stands for Quiet Time Coherent- meaning that these microphones are completely silent and have extremely fast time domain response thanks to their small membrane that settles instantaneously. That results in unsmudged, transparent capture of the sound source.


With just a pair of these mics and a kick drum mic, you could clearly capture the entire drum set! This is perfect for Jazz recordings.


All of the other carefully picked mics further support and “beef” up the individual drums with bottom end and punch. When all of the mics are properly processed and phase aligned, they will results in astonishing sound.

An addition of the room mics will add natural depth and space to the tracks and make them sound HUGE! No need for artificial reverbs.



Mic Pre's and converters:

Focusrite ISA828 mic preamps and A/D converters are some of the best-sounding in the industry.Transferring the signal from the mics into the computer are top-of-the-range Focusrite ISA828 preamps and converters.






Focusrite ISA range of preamp came of the famed Focusrite Forte consoles designed by world's audio authority Sir Rupert Neve. These fantastic-sounding preamps and their transparent converters ensure that what hits the microphones's membranes gets captured by the computer.



The Studio:

Grooves Recording Studio is a unique state-of-the-art recording environment. Conceived and built by Goran Rista, the acoustical properties and sound treatment of the studio were carefully designed by Ross Alexander, world renowned sound acoustician.

The space is divided into 2 areas:

The main room

Grooves Recording Studio is a premier drum recording facility.

The main room utilizes a complex combination of absorbers, diffusers and bass traps that results in rich, yet controlled sound. Highly unusual and irregular shape of the room further helps eliminate any nasty standing waves. This provides clear and balanced recordings of the drum set through the close proximity mics and the overheads.


The live room.


The live room is connected to the main room by a set of 9' glass sliding doors. When opened, they enable the drum sound to expand into this open reverberant space and to be captured by a set of condenser microphones. This provides separate control over the ambiance of drum recording.



The Drummer:

Drum Tracks can only ever be as good as the drummer recording them. The better the recording path of the signal, the better the drummer and the instrument have to be as every detail will only be more audible.

Goran will perform appropriate and musical drum parts in a wide range of styles. His set of skills and talent is a choice of numerous artists around the world.

Goran Rista, session drummer in his drum recording studio.


Price: $195 per song. Includes 4 takes.


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