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Top-notch recording gear.
Exceptional customer care.
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Drum Tracks by Studio Session Drummer Goran Rista - 4.7 out of 5 based on 76 votes

Elevate your music to next level by hiring a pro session drummer Goran Rista to record real acoustic drum tracks for your recording project!


Finest drum tracks available online.

GoranGrooves drum tracks are amongst the best-sounding custom drum tracks you'll find anywhere!

Goran is both a professional session drummer and an audio engineer. The blend of two means that you will get outstanding drum recording every time, the easy way!


Convenient and Affordable

Don't waste your life trying to program believable drum tracks. We'll make your life easier while delivering unmatched results. Have a top-notch studio drummer Goran Rista record real drums in his drum studio and deliver to you online. The tracks will be recorded specifically for your music, making your songs groove harder. And you'll save a bunch over going the traditional route of booking a studio, engineer, drummer...

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Proven Results

  • Bachelor Degree In Jazz Peformance from Victoria University, NZ.
  • Awards include Rotary Club Scholarship and Ken Avery Memorial Scholarship.
  • Performances with international line up of acts in venues around the world.
  • Numerous drum recordings for satisfied clients from all parts of the globe.

Other performance credits include:

  • Neil Finn (Crowded House)
  • Carli Munoz (The Beach Boys)
  • Eddie Gomez (Chick Corea)
  • Estefano
  • Kenia
  • Toty Viola
  • The Coasters
  • The Diamonds
  • Ben Vereen
  • Michael Barrymore
  • Broadway and Vegas Style Production shows for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line
  • and many more...

Variety of Genres & Styles

Drum tracking is available in a wide choice of musical styles including (but not limited to):

Latin/ Caribbean
Drum & Bass
And anything else in between

Whichever music genre you may be working in, you can be sure that you will receive authentically performed custom drum tracks for your songs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. We work hard to provide the very best service available in all aspects. If you are not satisfied with the drum tracks you get from us, you'll get your money back. Terms and conditions apply. satisfaction-guarantee


Customer Testimonials


Great feel man!

Neil Finn, NZ pop icon - Crowded House


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"Goran is like a musical spounge. He is able to absorb anything you throw at him and make music out of it."




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"My kind of drummer!"

Estefano, 5x Grammy Award winning producer/ songwriter


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"We've been looking around and have done a practice run with several people and i must say your drums were the best sounding and the tightest."

Juliana Down, band from Dubai



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"They (drum tracks) sound great!  Go ahead and send me the individual tracks.

Thank you."

Jose Cardenas, Independant Artist, USA



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"Man, your drums sound GREAT!  Thanks again."

Justin Jensen, Independent, USA



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"I love the sensitive support that you gave to my vocals and that you did it in a timely fashion. You're on my list of first calls for my next recording project."

Beverly Lewis


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"His skill and professionalism is that of a seasoned, worldly musician. Goran has the ability to discern the most effective ways of achieving the greatest musical results."



Toty Viola


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"...His superlative playing is something that any artist would gladly welcome and require on their musical project."

Jawanza Kobie


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"My curiosity has really paid off. I record with session artists in every studio in L.A. and thought I would try something new. I am glad I did. GoranGrooves has not only saved me money, and time, but a lot of frustration too. Professional service, Friendly attitude, and Clean recordings..."

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Derek Jablonski


"Goran is an extremely professional drummer that has a natural feel. His kit sounds great and is recorded to the highest quality. He is very efficient in the session and is always prepared in fullest, no matter what the difficulty. " read more

Simon Kinny-Lewis


"Tremendous skill, listened to our needs and delivered; and is truly nice guy on top of that! Goran's attention and professionalism is second to none. I was impressed by his efficiency and how he connected with the songs. The quality of the recording is excellent. He can handle anything you throw at him and take it to the next level. In the words of the terminator......"I'll be back"..."


Eddie Figueroa



"I sent my tracks to GoranGrooves one evening, and had tracks to review the following morning. I was amazed at the quick turnaround time. To my surprise, Goran was incredibly accessible. Each question I sent via email received a response within 2 minutes. The recording quality...Top Notch. The price...fabulous. I can't wait to get my next tune sent to Goran Grooves. This is the EASIEST and HIGHEST QUALITY drum part I have ever had on my recordings. Thank you VERY much, GoranGrooves!"


Mat Getsy



"Totally amazed at the professionalism and the speed of completion. Sound quality was stellar. Our project was not laid out with an online drummer in mind but Goran pulled it together and turned our first project song into a keeper. Goran is our new 'go to' drummer. Just wished I wouldn't have procrastinated so Thanks."


Mike Davidson


"Goran turned out to be the best decision I ever made for my CD.

Not only is he an exceptional drummer, he is a great engineer, studio musician and a really great person to work with. Very easy going and professional at the same time. If you want quality drums at an affordable price for your recording, you have to go with GoranGrooves. You will not regret it! Thank you Goran. I look forward to making more great music with you."


Tini Grey



"My project was facing the prospect of artificial drums (not a good thing for a slightly folky pop song…) when i stumbled upon Goran's site. Two days later i had real, human drums tracks in my Pro Tools session, recorded half way around the world away. Goran's feel and performance is second to none, but he also makes excellent use of the internet to get this done easily and quickly. Highly recommended, especially if you are on the move."


Martin MacDonald


Order Your Drum Tracks



Drum Recording Studio


GoranGrooves drum recording studio-main room. The place where all of the drum beats are recorded and processed. 



Impecable Acoustics


Grooves Recording Studio's complex design features a number of sound defusers, reflectors, absorbers and bass traps resulting in highly controlled and rich sound. Unique ceiling of irregular shape helps further break down any standing waves. Acoustical treatment was designed by world-renown acoustician Ross Alexander. Drums recorded in this studio sound clean, clear and well-balanced.

Unusual ceiling construction and careful acoustical design help with acoustical properties of the studio.


Choice of natural ambiance


While the main room provides dryer sound by controlling early reflections, the Live Room offers huge natural ambiance at the same time! The two rooms are connected by a way of 9' glass sliding doors and enable to capture the ambiance separately from the close-miked drums.
Dry or ambient sounding drums? The choice is yours!

Live room of GoranGrooves drum recording studio.



Get Real Drum Tracks



Drum Recording Gear




Tom from Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit.The beating heart of GoranGroves is the Yamaha Recording Custom kit. A studio classic, this model of drums produces punchy, full-bodies sound that has been staple on countless hits over the past 4 decades.
This kit in particular has seen been upgraded with special tom mounting (RIMS) that enable drums to resonate to their fullest potential. These drums sound greater than ever!
For Jazz recordings, a Sonor kit with a different tuning is used.
A hand-picked selection of fine cymbals by Bosphorus, Istanbul and Zildjian completes the set up.


EarthWorks QTC40 mics used as overhead microphones for drum recording.Microphone choices are the result of many years of experience and experimenting with various types of mics and mic brands for drum recording. The microphones used by GoranGrooves capture every subtlety of performance while preserving full bodied, punchy character of the drum kit.

Over Heads: EarthWorks QTC40's or Shure SM81's
Kick: BeyerDynamic M88 + Yamaha Sub Kick
Snare: SM57 x 2
Hi-Hat: Octava MK-012-01
Toms: Sennheiser e904's
Room: Rode NT5's

Preamps and Converters

Focusrite ISA828 preamps and converters used for drum tracks capture.Quality preamps and converters are of extreme importance for the signal path when tracking drums. Our choice are the Focusrite ISA828 preamps and their converters. These fantastic sounding units are based on the same ISA preamp found in the famed Forte consoles of the 70's, designed by Sr Rupert Neve.
The converters utilize latest Texas Instruments chips for conversion quality that is second to none.






Options and Prices



Classic Drum Tracks are recorded using Shure SM81 overhead mics and they include 3 takes.

Classic Drum Tracks

Classic drum tracks are recorded using Shure SM81 mics as the overheads and a selection of microphones mentioned above for close-miking of drums. Room mics are not included in this package. You get 3 good drum takes.

Price: $149

Premium Drum Tracks

For those that demand the very best, Premium drum tracks are recorded using EarthWorks QTC40 high definition microphones as the overheads. These are some of the most accurate mics ever made and they capture the entire kit with breathtaking realism. Folks, this is as good as it gets! In addition to all of the mics for close-miking used for classic drum tracks, included is the live room ambiance captured with a stereo pair of Rode NT5's. You get 4 good drum takes.

Price: $195
Premium Drum Tracks are recorded using EarthWorks QTC40 mics and they include 4 takes.
Post Processing of drum tracks by GoranGrooves is a great way to get your raw drum tracks sounding their best.

Post Processing of Drum Tracks

To benefit the most out of recorded acoustic drums, there are number of steps needed to be taken during the production process. Take advantage of this service if you are unfamiliar or inexperienced with drum tracks production.

Guaranteed to produce outstanding results and significantly save you time during the mixing stage of your project. Goran is not only a pro drummer, but an accomplished audio engineer. You'll be getting the best combination possible.

You will be provided with individually processed drum tracks in 32-bit or 24-bit format, which you can just drop into your project for amazing-sounding results right away. You will still have the flexibility of adjusting individual components of the kit.

Price: $39 for one take of your choosing. Each additional take of the same song is $39.

Drum Samples

Going one step further to allow for more flexibility during the production process, having individual sounds of the kit. This is useful for replacing an occasional sound in the drum recording. Samples are recorded in the same session as the drum tracks to ensure the same sound. All of the drums and cymbals are recorded through their individual mics as well as the overhead mics. They are provided unedited.

Price: $29
Drum samples of the drum recording session are offered for your convenience.
Percussion tracks will compliment the drum tracks very nicely.

Percussion Tracks

Percussion can really spice up the groove of the music and compliment the drum tracks. Why not have the same feel for percussion as for the drums, so they can groove better together? A choice of conga, shakers, bongos, timbales, sound fx, cajon and doumbek are available for your convenience.

Price: $119 for up to 2 part; $29 for each additional part.

Choice Of Snare Drums

To better suit various genres and style of production, a range of snare drums is available. In combination with various tuning and muflings, a wide range of sounds can be produced. Tight and funky, deep, warm, punchy, ringy? The choice is yours!

A choice of snare drums of various sizes is offered for your convenience.









Before you order

What you need to provide

What you need to provide:


  1. A stereo audio track of your music without drums (mp3, WAV or AIFF- it can include percussion)
  2. Drum chart/ lead sheet or similar outlining the form of the song and the length of sections - optional, but recommendedInfo2   Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
  3. Any additional instructions you would like the drummer to follow during the recording Note 


The submit form will guide you through this easy process.



If you need to record drums prior to recording any other instruments and do not have play-along track for Goran, that can work too. In this case it is best to talk to Goran over the phone to explain exactly what you are after and take part in the recording session remotely via IVOS.

What you get


  • Professionally recorded drums as 11-12 individual raw drum tracks (kick, snare, tom1, tom2 etc.)
  • 24bit or 32bit format, 44.1K/ 48K/ 88.2K/ 96K sample rate (whatever your preference),
  • WAV or AIFF format
  • 3/4 drum takes of each song.
  • All drum tracks will be perfectly in sync with your project.
  • If you order post processing, you will receive processed individual drum tracks as well as the raw files upon request.


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