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Online Horn Section, Sax Tracks, Flute Tracks and Horn Charts

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Real horns recorded specifically for your music will make a difference between your songs sounding like a cheap MIDI demo or a World-class recording!

Have you ever witnessed a live horn section blasting away with all its mighty power?

There are some half-decent sampled horns out there, but real thing remains the real thing. Horns are among the hardest instruments to program in order to get them to sound right and you have to be an expert in articulation, dynamics and expressions if you plan on fooling anybody. If you are not an expert on horns and you don't want your music to sound cheap then get the real horns!

We can record a single sax track, flute track or a full horn section for you.

We offer some incredible session woodwind and brass players for your convenience and benefit. You can choose from a number of configurations and variations: from a solo sax or flute track to a full-on Big Band horn section!





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We can create full horn arrangements, record them and write out charts for you to use live!




Hear examples of sax tracks, flute tracks and horn sections.

Hear the samples

Slow Blues (Tenor Solo 2nd half)

- Slow Blues by GoranGrooves

Funk Down

Boyan - Slow Funk by GoranGrooves

Funk Up

- Funk Up! by GoranGrooves

Funky Disco

Boyan - Funky Disco by GoranGrooves


Boyan - Reggae by GoranGrooves


- Motown by GoranGrooves





You can also check out Brian Wolfe's original music where he plays a number of instruments.



Customer testimonial:

I needed a typical Ska-like sax theme/solo track and I got exactly what I wanted and needed... even more, variations on solo's and theme. Very flexible in delivering the tracks and variations. And to think that it was X-mas time:-). Thanks Brian and Goran for the great service and professional way of handling my request. Will be back for more! Thanks.

Winski, Skelley's Dream



Options and Prices

Regular pricing requires a pre-composed arrangement along with a reference track or sheet music for each song. Alternatively you can purchase the arrangement service. See options below.


Custom saxophone tracks recorded on either tenor, alto, soprano or baritone sax.

Saxophone Tracks

Get a single saxophone track for a solo, fills or have our sax man Brian Wolfe layer a number of saxes for a full saxophone section.

Choose from:
- Soprano Sax
- Alto Sax
- Tenor Sax
- Baritone Sax

Prices: $129 per saxophone track.
Additional improvised solos @ $49 each.
If ordering 4 or more tracks- @ $109 each.

Flute Tracks

Flute is a lovely option for a solo in variety of musical styles ranging from Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, Pop, House, World and much more.
As well as playing solo lines, flutes can be layered to provide wonderful textures and pads.

Prices: $129 per flute track.
Additional improvised solos @ $49 each.
If ordering 4 or more tracks- @ $109 each.

Custom recorded flute tracks.
Saxophone / flute combo package.

3-track Flute / Saxophone Package

If you plan on ordering a combination of saxes and flute, take advantage of this combo.
Pick any combination of 3 tracks of sax and flute (individual tracks played by the same musician).
Each instrument is recorded one at a time (picture on the left is for dramatic purposes only).

Prices: $249 per song (includes 1 good take of each of 3 tracks).
Additional sax or flute track @ $49
Additional takes @ $29 each.

Classic Horn Packages

Start with a basic 3-horn package that includes a saxophone, a trumpet and a trombone and expand from there if you like. This 3-horn package will deliver plenty of power and body. 
This will work well for Funk, Salsa or Pop ala Tom Jones, amongst others.

All horns are recorded with their individual mics, so you'll have absolute control over their balances during the mix down.

Price: $349 per song (includes 1 perfect take of 3 horn tracks)
Additional horn tracks @ $75 each, per song.
Extra takes @ $29 each.

Other horns you can add to this package are:

- Flute
- Tuba
- Flugelhorn
- Clarinet

Classic three-horn package including saxophone, trumpet and trombone.
Charts, music scores, lead sheet and arranging services for horns.

Arranging and Charts

Before horns can be recorded, an arrangement needs to be written and charts need to be printed out. This is what the horn players will be recording.
If you are ordering horn tracks from us, but are enable to write your own arrangement then this is a solution for you. We'll send you a preview audio file of a mock-up arrangement to listen to and approve before we record the horns.
If you are only looking for transcriptions of existing audio recordings, we can turn them into professionally-written music charts. No horn track purchase is necessary.

Arranging: min $129 per song (includes up to 3 horns), additional parts @ $25 each
Written charts for horns: $49 per song (includes full articulation)
Transcription of existing horn recordings: $49 per song.

Download sample charts package for your evaluation.

For any option not covered here, please request a custom quote.

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Our submission form will guide you through the process, but before you submit your project please prepare the following:

  1. A stereo audio track of your music without horns (mp3, wave, or aiff)
  2. An audio or midi track of reference horns (if applicable).
  3. Horn charts for each horn (optional, but recommended).
  4. A detailed description of any specific needs pertaining to the arrangement or recording process.


If requesting a written arrangement created for your song, please also describe any specifics you can in terms of style, intensity, dynamics, vibe, etc.



If specifics about your song are very intricate, it may be best to arrange a phone call so we can understand exactly what you are after. 



  • Pristinely recorded horns captured with individual microphones and a room microphone (room mic upon request)
  • Individual audio files for each horn/microphone
  • A stereo mix of the horns with light processing providing you with an instantly usable track that may be all you need
  • All tracks will be perfectly in sync with your project.
  • Wav, Aiff format
  • 24 or 32 bit depth, 44.1K/ 48K/ 88.2K/ 96K sample rate (whatever your preference)





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