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Custom guitar tracks by GoranGrooves studio guitar players.

Custom Guitar Tracks by Session Guitarists recorded for your project.

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Get Custom Guitar Tracks by the right session guitarist, with the right sound, in the style you want.

Whether it is a heavily distorted Rock, cool Blues melody, Funky riff or a acoustic Brazilian guitar- we've got you covered! And there is plenty more you can get from our fine session guitar players. Our session guitarists have many years of professional studio and live experience under their belts and will give your music the flavor it needs.

Order Custom Guitar Tracks

A wide range of styles played on a variety of guitars.

We offer a variety of guitars and endless sound possibilities. Tell us what you are hearing in your mind and we'll put it down on record. We utilize quality guitar effects and amplifiers that are captured using fine microphones and mic preamps.
Our guitar tracks will make a world of difference to your music. This is what your songs can sound like:

Hear the examples of custom guitar tracks.

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Options and Prices


Electric guitar tracks by studio guitar players will produce outstanding results for your recording project.

Electric Guitar Tracks

You can have us layer a number of rhythm guitar tracks, a Jazzy solo or guitar sound effects. 
Some of the guitars and sound at your disposal are:
Solid body electric guitar - ideal for rhythm track, funky riffs and effects.
Solid body (humbucking pick-ups) - great for Rock power chords, solo and similar.
Semi-hollow body - perfect for Jazz, Blues and similar. Warm sounding.

Rhythm guitar track- $149 or $179 for 2 separate rhythm guitar tracks
Guitar solos, fills or lead melodic lines – $149 for one primary track
Additional tracks – $49 per track

Acoustic Guitar Tracks

Going for an "unplugged" organic sound or perhaps an exotic Samba groove?
We got you covered. We offer contemporary acoustic guitar tracks as well as authentic Brazilian guitar tracks. 
Pick between steel string (6 or 12) or nylon string for whatever acoustical flavor you desire.

Rhythm guitar track- $149 or $179 for 2 separate rhythm guitar tracks
Guitar solos, fills or lead melodic lines – $149 for one primary track
Additional tracks – $49 per track

For any requirements not specified here, please request a custom quote

Acoustic guitar tracks recorded by our studio guitarists will deliver organic "unplugged" flavor to your production.


We keep our prices low by optimizing the entire process of submission and recording. To avoid additional charges you must provide a correct music chart and clear instructions in English.



Get Your Guitar Tracks





Our submission form will guide you through the process, but before you submit your project please prepare the following:

  1. A stereo audio track of your music without guitars (mp3, wave, or aiff)
  2. An audio or midi track of reference guitars (if applicable).
  3. Chord charts indicating chord progression and form
  4. A detailed description of any specific needs pertaining to the arrangement or recording process.




If specifics about your song are very intricate, it may be best to arrange a phone call so we can understand exactly what you are after.



  • Pristinely recorded guitars captured with individual microphones or DI (as requested)
  • Individual audio files for each guitar/microphone
  • Effects applied if requested during ordering process (eg. delay, flanger, wah-wah, phaser etc.)
  • All tracks will be perfectly in sync with your project.
  • Wav, Aiff format
  • 24 or 32 bit depth, 44.1K/ 48K/ 88.2K/ 96K sample rate (whatever your preference)




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