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What happens if I am not happy with the results?

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We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The following conditions apply.


There are a few possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: You provide a chart and exact instructions as to what to play, but the musician doesn't do it.

Action: We re-record the part(s) (at no additional cost) until it is exactly as requested by the client, or issue a full refund.


Scenario 2: You provide a chart and exact instructions, musician plays what was asked of him, but the results are “sloppy” to your standards

Action: We will re-record the part(s) to the best of our ability. If you are still not satisfied, you will get your money back in full.


Scenario 3: You are happy with the whole thing, but the files that you receive are corrupted or damaged.

Action: We will check the original files for integrity and if they are found to be perfect, they will be re-sent to you. No money back. In a case that the original files contain problems, we will re-record the parts.


Scenario 4: You do not provide a chart or any instructions as to what the musician should play and when you get the preview file, it is not what you expected.

Action: This would be kind of like asking a waiter in a restaurant to bring anything from the food menu and when you get it, you want to return it for something else. If you would like the song re-recorded, this would constitute a new session and a new full fee would be applicable. To avoid this, we suggest one or more of the following:

- provide details as what you are after

- provide a reference track

- provide a chart

- join the musician during the recording session through the Interactive Virtual Online Session or

- talk to us by phone prior to the recording.

Those are the only ways to ensure that you will get what you are after. If you fill out the submission form fully, you will have the highest chances for a successful outcome.


We work hard to maintain the highest level of quality and to exceed our clients' expectations.

Quality Guaranteed


Badge guaranteeing quality of custom instrument tracks recorded by GoranGrooves session studio musicians. Includes custom drum tracks, bass tracks and grooves, session keys, guitar tracks, horn sections, professional audio mixing, radio voice-over talent and full audio production.

You are going to love the results you will get from us, or your money back!

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