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What does your Post Processing of drum tracks consist of?

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There are number of important steps that have to be undertaken carefully in order to insure best and finest possible results from the recorded drums.

As far as the recording goes, two of the most important elements in the process are:

1) drums well in tune and sounding great to start with,

2) faithfully recorded tracks using quality equipment and right mic placement in acoustically appropriate space.


Once we have great raw drum tracks, we make the best out of the recording by applying the following techniques:

  • manual editing of unwanted mic "leakage"
  • track alignment
  • gating
  • EQ
  • dynamic processing (compression)
  • phase alignment
  • adding of spatial information

Since drum set is recorded with multiple microphones (11 or more), it is necessary to properly and carefully process them in order to avoid phase cancellations and to achieve maximum body, depth and punch.

Goran is an expert in drum sound production with knowledge and experience that many mixing engineers lack. Don't be fooled by inexperienced drummers offering poorly mixed and badly recorded drum tracks.

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