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The difference between Classic Drum Tracks and Premium Drum Tracks

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The Premium Drum Tracks by GoranGrooves are as good as they get, for those wanting the very best.

The main difference between them and the Classic Drum Tracks is the choice of overhead microphones. For Premum Drum Tracks we use EarthWorks QTC40, high definition omni-directional condenser mics, while Classic Drum Tracks utilize Shure SM81's cardioid condenser mics. QTC40 mics are some of the finest mics in the world and they capture the sound source most realistically. Overhead mics are the most critical mics of drum set recording. Depending on the style of music, you could use only a pair of QTC40 mics with a kick drum mic to capture the entire set with tremendous results.


In addition, Premium Drum Tracks come with a pair of room mics which capture the huge open space of our studio. They add an incredible realism to the recording.

You'll also get 4 takes as opposed to 3 takes with Classic Drum Tracks.


Both packages sound great and you won't go wrong with either.


Read all about Premium Drum Tracks.

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Badge guaranteeing quality of custom instrument tracks recorded by GoranGrooves session studio musicians. Includes custom drum tracks, bass tracks and grooves, session keys, guitar tracks, horn sections, professional audio mixing, radio voice-over talent and full audio production.

You are going to love the results you will get from us, or your money back!

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