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Payment Policy

How do I pay?

Goran Grooves accepts payments made through PayPal only. It is the most secure way to pay on line. PayPal processes the transaction and keeps your details safe and private. GoranGrooves does not have access to or store any of your financial data.


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When do I pay?

All payments must be made in full for the services requested prior to any session work will take place. Upon your project submission, you will e-mailed a "money request" invoice via PayPal. This will be in the total amount for the services requested.

Once you make the payment, we will proceed with your project. offers money-back guarantee: if you are not happy with the results, you will be issued a full refund. Please see terms and conditions for details.

What happens if I am not happy with the results?

We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The following conditions apply.


There are a few possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: You provide a chart and exact instructions as to what to play, but the musician doesn't do it.

Action: We re-record the part(s) (at no additional cost) until it is exactly as requested by the client, or issue a full refund.


Scenario 2: You provide a chart and exact instructions, musician plays what was asked of him, but the results are “sloppy” to your standards

Action: We will re-record the part(s) to the best of our ability. If you are still not satisfied, you will get your money back in full.


Scenario 3: You are happy with the whole thing, but the files that you receive are corrupted or damaged.

Action: We will check the original files for integrity and if they are found to be perfect, they will be re-sent to you. No money back. In a case that the original files contain problems, we will re-record the parts.


Scenario 4: You do not provide a chart or any instructions as to what the musician should play and when you get the preview file, it is not what you expected.

Action: This would be kind of like asking a waiter in a restaurant to bring anything from the food menu and when you get it, you want to return it for something else. If you would like the song re-recorded, this would constitute a new session and a new full fee would be applicable. To avoid this, we suggest one or more of the following:

- provide details as what you are after

- provide a reference track

- provide a chart

- join the musician during the recording session through the Interactive Virtual Online Session or

- talk to us by phone prior to the recording.

Those are the only ways to ensure that you will get what you are after. If you fill out the submission form fully, you will have the highest chances for a successful outcome.


We work hard to maintain the highest level of quality and to exceed our clients' expectations.


Technical Questions

How does the Interactive Virtual Online Session work?

In a nut shell: we stream the recording session live in stereo to you and you are able to listen to it and talk back to us in real time. This is the quickest way to get the right results. It is like being in the control room of our studios, even though you may be on another side of the world.

You will be provided with all the details upon your project submission. You will not be required to have any additional software and you will NOT be charged a fee for participating.

Are your drum tracks going to be compatible with my system?

All modern DAW systems are interchangeable with audio files. The files recorded by GoranGrooves are compatible with all major DAW systems such as: ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar, Digital Performer, Logic, etc.

What should my guide track contain for you to record the drums to?

Your track can be as simple or as complicate as you like.

Preferred : full band backing track. If you would like Goran to be aware of all the parts in the song and play according to what is happening in the music, then getting him to record last is the way to go. This way he will be able to interact with or stay out of the way of individual instrumental parts, as if he was playing with a full band in a live situation. This is the way you will benefit the most from Goran's musicality and musicianship.

Optional : You can also submit a track as simple as a rhythm guitar and voice recorded along the click track. In this case you would need to give Goran further written instructions since there wouldn't be much musical information to feed off.

What individual drum tracks will I get?

You will get the following individual tracks: Snare drum top, snare drum bottom, hi-hat, kick inside, sub kick (outside), over-heads, tom 1, tom2, tom 3, tom 4.

When requesting processed drum tracks, you have a choice of the same number of tracks or sub groups: snare mix, kick drum mix, toms mix, overheads, hi-hat, ambiance/ reverb.

What does your Post Processing of drum tracks consist of?

There are number of important steps that have to be undertaken carefully in order to insure best and finest possible results from the recorded drums.

As far as the recording goes, two of the most important elements in the process are:

1) drums well in tune and sounding great to start with,

2) faithfully recorded tracks using quality equipment and right mic placement in acoustically appropriate space.


Once we have great raw drum tracks, we make the best out of the recording by applying the following techniques:

  • manual editing of unwanted mic "leakage"
  • track alignment
  • gating
  • EQ
  • dynamic processing (compression)
  • phase alignment
  • adding of spatial information

Since drum set is recorded with multiple microphones (11 or more), it is necessary to properly and carefully process them in order to avoid phase cancellations and to achieve maximum body, depth and punch.

Goran is an expert in drum sound production with knowledge and experience that many mixing engineers lack. Don't be fooled by inexperienced drummers offering poorly mixed and badly recorded drum tracks.

How will I sync your drum tracks with my project?

Easy. When exporting your song without drums to submit to GoranGrooves, make sure that you export it from the beginning of the sequence (regardless of how much empty space there is before the music starts). When you get the drum tracks, just place them all at the very beginning of the sequence and they will be perfectly in sync.

What format do you record in?

We can record in either WAV or AIFF, what ever suits you best. We can record in samples rates of 44.1k, 48k, 88.2K or 96K. You will have an opportunity to specify your preference during the submission process.

What are the delivery options for the recorded drum tracks? will generally compress audio files into .rar archives (lossless compression) and upload them to a server. You would then be given direct download links to download them to your computer. The file sizes might range from 200MB to several gigabytes.

If you don't have a sufficient Internet connection, you can choose to have a DVD with tracks mailed to you. You would pay for whatever postal service you choose.


Can you mail the tracks on a CD or a DVD?

I sure can. If your Internet connection is not fast enough, you will be mailed the tracks to the address you provide. You'll just pay for whatever postal service you choose.

How long does it take to record the drums?

The lenght of drum recording session for 1 song depends on the number of takes. For 3-4 takes, that is usually between 20-30 min for 1 song.

The actual online process can take between 1-2 business days to record and upload the songs once they are submitted, depending on the current work load. Depending on the intricacies of the music, 5-6 songs can be done in one session.

When using our Interactive Virtual Online Session to participate in the session remotely, the process is much quicker as it avoids having to render preview mp3's, send files, receive feedback and so on.

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Badge guaranteeing quality of custom instrument tracks recorded by GoranGrooves session studio musicians. Includes custom drum tracks, bass tracks and grooves, session keys, guitar tracks, horn sections, professional audio mixing, radio voice-over talent and full audio production.

You are going to love the results you will get from us, or your money back!

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