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All about Interactive Virtual Online Session (IVOS)

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IVOS- Interactive Virtual Online Session is an easy way for remote recording

GoranGrooves is a true online session studio and we are true online session musicians. Unlike most competitors, with us you are able to participate in the recording session live regardless of where in the world you live.


What is IVOS?

IVOS stands to Interactive Virtual Online Session and is the system set up on GoranGrooves platform that will enable you take part in the recording session remotely as it is happening.
We stream a LIVE stereo mix of the recording session to you and talk to you, while you are also able to talk back to us and give instructions- all in the real time.

You will feel as if you were in the control room of our studios!


The GoranGrooves difference:

While there are other solutions out there for online communication, none are as easy as ours. You are able to hear a very good quality STEREO audio from our studio, talk back to us and all without any special software, plugins or costs!



In order to keep the prices of our custom tracks low and more affordable to you, we need to optimize our recording process. That means avoiding unnecessary re-recordings because of minor requests which may result in subsequent charges to the client. By participating in IVOS, you are able to ask the musician to try out different things before committing to the part. This way you can quickly find what works best for the song. You will have a total creative input during the recording session and be sure to get what you are after. You will save us time and yourself money.


How does it work and what do I need?

You will be provided with the link and detailed instructions prior to the session.

Don't worry- we made it very simple and easy for you.


There is no special software to install. IVOS operates on GoranGrooves platform. All you need is a microphone plugged into your computer to talk to us and headphones (or speakers) to hear us. Your browser has to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (10 or up) installed, which 99% of the browsers do. A broadband connection is advisable (as little as 500kbps down and 100 kbps up).


How much does it Cost?

There is no additional fee to participate in IVOS.


Is there a delay?

Yes, there is a slight delay, because the signal may have to travel far distances. However, this does not impact the flow of the session at all.


How do I opt in for IVOS?

You will have the option of requesting IVOS during the submission process for custom tracks.


Quality Guaranteed


Badge guaranteeing quality of custom instrument tracks recorded by GoranGrooves session studio musicians. Includes custom drum tracks, bass tracks and grooves, session keys, guitar tracks, horn sections, professional audio mixing, radio voice-over talent and full audio production.

You are going to love the results you will get from us, or your money back!

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