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Session bass player playing electric bass.
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Our session bass players will record bass grooves for your music at affordable rates.


Big, warm, deep custom bass tracks-online!


An instrument sometimes overlooked, bass is an essential element of the foundation in contemporary music. Creating a bass groove for a bass track that will carry a song is an art form in itself. A bass groove can either have your music move forward and make irresistible to dance or make it flop. A great bass track can create a unique signature on your song on its own.

Let the bass groove expert take care of the bass tracks!


Right bass track is more then just a few root notes in the lower register. Our session bassists will get you moving in your seat and everybody else grooving on the dance floor!


Our online bass players are some of the busiest around and they cover a vast variety of musical styles. They have played with a number of high-profile artists, both locally and internationally. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, they are sure to provide authentic vibe of your chosen style. From Pop, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban to Acoustic Jazz, our bassists have it covered!

We will select the right session bass player for your project, depending on your needs.




Options and Prices for Bass Tracks



Electric bass guitar tracks by session bassist.

Electric Bass Tracks

We offer a variety of electric basses for your convenience:

4-string electric bass
5-string electric bass
4-string Fretless Bass (Jaco Pastorius sound)

Our bassist utilize some very fine sounding instruments that are captured using quality preamps and converters. Some basses sound smoother while others are more raw-sounding. Let us know when ordering what kind of sound you have in mind.

Price: $149 for 2 takes of a single bass track
additional rhythm bass track: $29
additional bass solo: $29
additional theme/ melody on bass: $39

Acoustic Double Bass Tracks

This type of bass is characterized by strong attack, quick decay and lots of low end. It provides natural warm sound which makes it a great choice for acoustic-sounding music, but for electric as well. It may well inject a little bit of that organic magic into your recording!

This large wooden instrument is captured using one of the finest and most acurate microphones, EarthWorks QTC40 to bring you total realism and warmth. 

Price: $179 (includes 3 good takes)
additional bass solo: $29
additional theme/ melody on bass: $39

Acoustic double-bass tracks by professional bass player.




  Get Your Bass Tracks


You will get a tight, clean and warm bass grooves that will fit perfectly into your production.



Styles include, but not limited to: Authentic Brazilian Bass Grooves:  
  • Jazz bass tracks
  • Fusion
  • Pop
  • Reggae bass tracks
  • R & B
  • Funk
  • Salsa bass tracks
  • Cumbia
  • Bolero
  • Rock bass tracks
  • Soca
  • Disco
  • House bass tracks
  • Lounge
  • Electronic
  • Afro-Cuban
  • Samba
  • Bossa
  • Partido Alto
  • Samba Rock
  • Afoxé
  • Baiao
  • Maracatu
  • Samba Funk
  • Choro
  • Pagode
  • Brazilian Bolero
  • Samba Reggae
  • MPB bass grooves
bass tracks by Diogo









By submitting your project using the appropriate form, you will be guided through the process to ensure best results.

This is what you need to prepare first:

  1. A stereo audio track of your music without bass on it (mp3, WAV or AIFF)

  2. Bass chart/ lead sheet or similar outlining the form of the song and chord progression Info2Example 1

  3. Any additional instructions you would like the bass player to follow during the recording Note 


    The submission form will guide you through this easy process.



    If you don't have a guide track for the bass as that is the first instrument to be recorded, that's fine too. Just make sure to give enough direction during the submission process as there won't be any musical information for the bass player to feed off.


  • Professionally recorded and stylistically appropriate high quality bass track
  • 24bit depth, 44.1K/ 48K/ 88.2K/ 96K sample rate (whatever your preference),
  • WAV or AIFF format
  • Bass type of your choice (fretted, fret-less, electric-acoustic or upright)
  • All tracks will be perfectly in sync and compatible with your project.


Order Your Bass Tracks NOW!

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